Panoramic and Landscape Photographer

Josh DeLozier has a passion for landscape and panoramic photography. His photos have been published in the Oklahoma Gazette, OKC Biz Magazine, OKC Conventioner, OKC VeloCity Magazine, and OVAC’s Art Focus Oklahoma Magazine. Additionally, his photos have been displayed at OKC 125, Paseo PhotoFest, DNA Galleries, OVAC Photo Slam, OklahoMAN Made Competition, Paseo 4×4 Art Show & Auction, and the RAW Artist Showcase.

Artist Statement

Not every generation gets the opportunity to see their city grow from busted to booming in less than a decade. Thankfully, I was in the right place at the right time and am experiencing this transformation. I’m also thankful to be able to capture the end results through the lens of my camera in panoramic form. As my city continues to grow, it’s my mission to capture the icons, destinations and skylines that make Oklahoma City the jewel that it has become. My hope is that I may instill the in others the awe that this city brings to me.

 A Few Photos

Skydance Bridge

First National


Oklahoma River

Starlight Supper

Tree In Fall